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Stacey + Benjamin

Hello! Thanks for dropping in to see a little more about us!

Stacey + Benjamin Muñiz are what makes up Two Souls Threading. We are visual storytellers and want to make your story something that you can look back on and remember – all in the while warming your heart over and over again. While you live your day the fullest, we are there finding the light to shape it all into pieces of art that look like you would belong in a magazine. Stacey is the main shooter and on the special occasion of when two photographers are needed – Benjamin comes on the scene. We work with a few other incredible artists if it calls for it – and this is including photographers + videographers.

Now, let’s make this role specific. Stacey here, and I want to tell you more about this artistic passion that I love to share. I went to college for art and graduated with a BFA in fashion design. During school is where I met Benjamin! Well, we met at an open mic gallery night, where he blew me away when he spit some lyrics, and I stood behind a guitar double my size singing some song that I wrote in my dorm room. We had our first child together about a year later and the rest is history. When we realized how important it was to capture the fleeting moments that pass by – it became more and more clear that we wanted to share this with other people too. One of my first wedding stories to capture was circa 2009. {Wow….} I still remember this wedding, and I remember all the other weddings in between. Even all the families and businesses we’ve captured, I remember all of it. Photographs do that to you. They stay put in our memories just a little easier than remembering to put the clothes in the dryer. Every single story was special and is still special – and it’s a plus if we have the special opportunity to keep in touch. Not only have we held still one of the most joyous days of your life, but now there is a friendship.

Our current; Benjamin and I have two children and two dogs – right in the middle of the sunshine state – Gainesville, Florida. Our family loves Jesus. To grow in our faith and to mirror Christ is something we hold dear to our hearts. We aren’t perfect – like everyone else – but we only hope to serve Him through all that we do, and this is including our work. Alongside enjoying fellowship and community, Benjamin and I love a few other things too.

We love getting that date night when it allows. Going to eat some Mexican food most likely, then painting the town by checking out what else is going on. Most of the time, and which we also enjoy, is watching a series on Netflix after we get through the feat of working, homeschooling, and getting the children to sleep. While I work on editing photos, creating galleries, or emailing you back – he is helping with the kids or making music in his home studio {he’s extremely talented btw}.

Right now – We’re together all the time. And though you may say… Isn’t that a challenge? Well, yes – but the benefits result in something far greater for us. We truly value this time and all the memories that are shared, and I would not choose to have it any other way.

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